hi !! i'm modify... modie for short
wack name, i know
im a lounge music enthusiast who loves cartoons, stickers and video games; none of that minecraft or call of duty crap, think more nintendo... like kirby! and all those other series that i dont care as much about
i like teenage robot, homestar runner, catscratch, robotomy, kirby and taiko no tatsujin. arcades rule!
my fave music artists are heavenly, halfby, the bran flakes, reel big fish, tipsy and ursula 1000...
just looking for more people who dig the same things i do!

PS: as a treat, you'll find my list of my favourite album and comps, along with my favourite tracks from them. aren't i niiice?

Tipsy- Buzzz, Fave track: Hot Banana

Tipsy- Uh-Oh, Fave track: Neon Tetra

The Bran Flakes- I Have Hands, Fave track: Don Knotts

Sushi 4004, Fave track: Colette- Samba de Sunny Side Up

Sushi 3003, Fave track: Mari- My Favourite Things

Heavenly- Atta Girl, Fave track: Atta Girl

Ursula 1000- Kinda' Kinky, Fave track: Samba 1000

The Coconut MonkeyRocket- With Birds, Fave track: Shopping for Explosives